Brandon Bollig discovers he is not Patrick Kane in response to Bauer ad (Video)

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Patrick Kane made jaws throughout the hockey universe drop a couple weeks back, showing off his incredible puck control in an ad for Bauer's new Vapor stick. Walking one puck into a circle littered with pucks, the Chicago Blackhawks' winger maneuvered through the mess of rubber like they weren't even there.

I want to say Kane made it look easy, but that's not true. It still looked extraordinarily difficult. It was a downright inimitable display of stickhandling prowess, something that becomes even more evident after watching Brandon Bollig attempt to replicate the feat in response to the amazing Bauer ad:

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Give Bollig credit. What he lacks in prodigious puck handling, he more than makes up for in physical comedy. The stick slam at 0:41 is laugh out loud funny, as is the entire sequence that follows it, when Bollig just wanders through the maze of pucks, hitting seemingly every single one before falling over.

It's like Sideshow Bob with the rakes. The only thing it's missing are the loud thwacks, followed by that rueful mumbling sound.

The finale, with Bollig attempting to replicate Kane shooting out the camera (the lone fake part of the original ad), is funny too. Bollig struggles to get the puck to settle on his stick, then gives up and tries to bean the camera with a pitch. When that doesn't work, he just sheds his gear and solves his problems with his hands, which is a pretty apt metaphor for how Bollig usually plays, if you think about it.

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