Brad Marchand taunts Canucks by kissing Stanley Cup ring finger (Video)

Brad Marchand is one of the NHL’s premiere pests, which is why there wasn’t an outpouring of sympathy when James Neal tried to use his head as a sock last week.

But even if you think the Boston Bruins’ forward is King Of The Rats, give the guy credit for this taunt against the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday night, in the Bruins’ first game there since winning the Stanley Cup in Game 7 in 2011:

That’s Marchand, skating away from an altercation that involved Henrik Sedin, taking off his glove and kissing his Stanley Cup ring finger.

That’s some next-level trolling right there. Jason Brough of NBC also tweeted that Marchand also made a “Cup raise” motion to the crowd coming off the ice in warm-ups. He'd do it again during the game.

Vancouver was also the site for some other alleged taunting on Friday night between Zack Kassian and the Edmonton Oilers. We’ll just go ahead and somehow blame Tortorella for all of it.

As for any attacks on Marchand’s “class” … hey, it could have been worse for Henrik. Ask his brother.