Brad Marchand says Jeff Skinner ‘slew-foots all the time’ and should ‘stop doing that’

You know how ex-convicts go around to high schools and scare delinquents straight with horrific tales about the repercussions of their actions? That’s how we picture the reformed, mature Brad Marchand going through life in the NHL.

“Man, you can’t be low-bridge’in people. You can’t be slew-footin’ them. Why are you gonna throw 3-6 regular-season games, 1-2 in the playoffs, away on something foolish like that? BE SMART! THINK OF YOUR KIDS!”

At least that’s the vibe we get from Marchand’s sage wisdom to Jeff Skinner of the Carolina Hurricanes, who was accused of slew-footing Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins during their 5-3 win in Raleigh.

According to WEEI, Marchand said on Tuesday that Skinner has “got to stop doing that” because it’s a “greasy play.”

From WEEI and DJ Bean:

“Skinner slew-foots all the time,” Marchand said Tuesday. “He’s always doing that to guys and I think Bergy just had enough of it. We even spoke about it before the game in the room. The guys were talking about how much he slew foots and you’ve got to watch out for him. You can see it’s very blatant. He kicks his legs out and throws him back.”

Marchand said he knows of what he speaks because he was fined $2,500 for slew-footing Matt Niskanen of the Pittsburgh Penguin, whom he fought later in the game to answer for his actions.

Said Marchand back in Dec. 2011: “Those are dangerous plays and guys can get hurt like that. It’s something I shouldn’t have done and they penalized me for it and I’ll move on now.”

So there you go. Lessons learned. Well, at least until Marchand plays the Canucks next season, when we fully expect he’ll violate his parole.