Brad Marchand makes clearly irrelevant list of stylish Bostonians

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I'm sure that, like most of us, when you look at Brad Marchand, the first thing you think of is style.

Granted, most of the time, he's dressed the same as everyone else in the room, and when he isn't, he doesn't seem to know which shirt to wear, if any, but damn if the Boston winger doesn't look slick on the day to day.

I mean, look at the photo at right. Sure, he's topless, but that dog chain is the illest. The fedora, too -- the drunk Inspector Gadget look is really inspired.

In any case, someone must think Marchand is stylish, because today unveiled its annual list of "The 25 Most Stylish Bostonians," and Marchand is on it.

This year's list includes members of the arts and culture community, college professors, and a firefighter, for some reason, but Marchand is the lone athlete. Think he was selected as part of a specific quota?

Oh my, yes.

Considering last year's list includes Ashley Bernon, a 32-year-old mother/volunteer, one assumes that goes out of its way (and in Marchand's case, way out) to get a broad sampling of citizenry.

A quick glance at past lists shows that they always select one athlete. In 2010, it was Shaq. In 2009, it was Jarvis Green, defensive lineman for the New England Patriots. This year it's Marchand.

After Shaq and Green, one wonders why they didn't stick with the giant theme and include Zdeno Chara instead. Is Chara considered unstylish in city of Boston? Or perhaps the selection committee actually did pick the Bruins' captain, but they found his quotes on style unworkable? ("Look at me -- I buy whatever fits.")

Mind you, Marchand's discussion of his winning style isn't much more inspiring:

"Most of the time, if I see something I like, I'll try it on," said Marchand on his personal style. "And then, you know, I'll see different styles in movies and stuff."

In effect: I wear clothes. Sometimes I'm cognizant of the clothes worn by others, also. If I have any style whatsoever, I learned it from a movie.

So what do Marchand's teammates think of the selection? Well, they're as skeptical as you or I:

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My favourite? Tyler Seguin: "Was he really? Most stylish? So, like, best dressed... *hangs head in shame* Oh god..."

I couldn't help but notice that Marchand shares the list with Billy and Bobby McClain, otherwise known as the Wonder Twins. Think he had to resist the urge to punch Bobby McClain in the head six times during the photo shoot because he felt like it?

All told, even if Marchand sucks at dressing himself, you can't fault him on the accessories. That Stanley Cup ring is always in style.

s/t to Days of Y'orr for the tip.

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