Bra trick? Taylor Hall fan offers support after third goal vs. Avs (Photo)

Taylor Hall made a lot of people happy on Thursday night with his three-goal, one-assist game in the Edmonton Oilers’ 8-2 rout of the Colorado Avalanche.

Very happy. Happy enough to throw a hat from the stands after his third goal, a power-play tally with 11 seconds left in the game.

Happy enough to … throw a bra on the ice, too?

Now that’s a supporter of the Oilers. Much respect, considering it was, like, minus-25 Celsius in Edmonton at the end of the game. (Brrrrr...)

Finally, something Taylor Hall achieved before Tyler Seguin!

Oh, crap, Seguin already earned a cup, didn't he? Nevermind.

Anyway, thus continued the tremendous tradition of the bra trick.

It happened to Blake Wheeler with the Boston Bruins. It’s happened in Philadelphia. And of course, there was that “debris from a rock concert” when Jeff Cowan scored his fifth of the season back in 2007 for the Vancouver Canucks:

We’re not sure what the criteria for a bra trick are, other than potentially being inebriated enough by the end of the third period to remove an undergarment and toss it on the ice.

The world now waits to see the fellas step up with the boxers or brief trick.

Image via Nick Alberga.