Boston Bruins Fan Fest: Dunking Blackhawks, personalizing beer koozies, licking mascots

BOSTON -- The Boston Bruins finally held their Stanley Cup Final Fan Fest, after it was rained out during Game 3 on Monday. And it was ... pretty much like their other fan fests every postseason.

Let's take a look, shall we?

There were Bruins fan signs ready-made for those fans that would require such homogenous tokens of enthusiasm.

Ah, that's more like it: Homemade fan sign, tremendous flag in its Teemu-osity.

"Because it's the Cup(s)."

Here's something rather cool: AT&T had beer bottle koozies that you could personalize (in a way) with a player's number on the back.

See? Now a guy dressed like Milan Lucic can have a beer from the koozies also dressed like Milan Lucic. What a country!

Dunkin' Donuts had more shots than the Blackhawks in the first period of Game 2.

Confession: I was thirsty.

Double confession: This wasn't a giant iced coffee after all.

As with any great fan fest, they had a dude in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey in a dunk tank so little kids could run up and push the bulls-eye. Check out the Rene Rancourt fist pumps from the mascot!

Bruins fans were able to get their battle paint on for a small donation.

Remember the Bruins Rally Towel Suit guy? This is his precursor, a woman who fashioned onsie and a hooded cape from them. She said she collected more when pissed off Leafs fans threw them at her in Round 1.

Awwwwwkard ...

Finally, the Fan Fest featured at least one amazing homemade Cup, sealed up so you can drink from the bowl. The gloves are an awesome, awesome touch sir.

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