Bodychecking a moose makes us want to watch 2012 IIHF World Championships (VIDEO)

The 2012 IIHF World Championships are underway in Sweden and Finland, with the U.S. defeating France, 7-2, in a game Bobby Ryan said "was closer than people might realize" (humility… our nation's greatest export!); Canada surviving a scare against Slovakia, 3-2, thanks to goals by Jordan Eberle and Andrew Ladd; and Germany's first win over Italy since 1992.

And why wouldn't the German's excel in this tournament? Have you seen how they practice?

Somewhere, Johan Hedberg weeps …

Writes reader Aubrey Nelson: "I don't speak the first bit of German so I can't be sure, but I get the feeling that's supposed to represent Canada." Let's go with that.

UPDATE: Via friend of the blog Rouven Dorn, some info. The coach is Swiss, by the way, and says:

"OK guys, you're warmed up now. Exercise as planned. Important: high intensity, skate hard, push it, let's go!"

(After the player checks the moose, it reads)

"Ready for the moose test!"

(This is a word almost every German knows by now since Mercedes A-Class famously failed the so-called "moose test" by a Swedish magazine)

After that, *whistle* and "change!"

In the end it's just "Ice Hockey World Cup in Sweden and Finland live on blah blah blah …"

By the way, the moose clearly represents Sweden/Finalnd in the commercial; Canada isn't even mentioned in the clip.

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