Bobby Ryan’s casual trade demand rocks Anaheim Ducks

Bobby Ryan would like to find some comfort. It's not in Anaheim right now, where Ryan has grown bitter from annual trade rumors that are raging again this summer. Maybe it's in Philadelphia, which Ryan said would "be a very ideal and comfortable place for me."

His father Bob Ryan agreed: "In my mind, the Flyers are the best that there is."

So is that a trade demand? Reading Courier-Post reporter Randy Miller's incendiary interview with Ryan from a charity golf tournament on Friday, it felt like a point of no return.

From the Courier:

"I take things personally," Ryan said. "Anaheim to me has been a team over the past year that really has shown me nothing to prove that they want me here, unfortunately. Obviously, it's not the ideal situation. When you get drafted, you want to win championships with that team and every time they look to add a piece to the puzzle, I'm the piece going the other way.

"I gotta be honest with you. At this point, I don't care. Move me ... because it's just tough going to the rink every day knowing that if something goes wrong, you're going to be the guy moved."

Of the Ducks' Big Three, Ryan's the most portable player. He's younger than Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, and is signed through 2015 while the other two are unrestricted next summer, and carries a lighter cap hit ($5.1 million).

All of these factors make him an attractive target, too, which is why Ducks GM Bob Murray has listened to offers for Ryan over the last year.

But the public nature of Ryan's frustration in turn frustrated Murray. As he said in a conference call on Friday:

"I understand you all have been reading comments from Bobby and his father. I would just like to say I'm disappointed at this time by these comments. I intend to talk to Bobby personally when we get back from the draft and clear the air a little bit. That is all I have to say at this present time."

Ryan didn't come out and say "trade me." In fact, he said "show me." It's as much a message of exasperation as it is a message to the Ducks that this annual auction needs to end with either a commitment to him or a trade somewhere else.

It's always sunnier in Philadelphia, after all …