Bobby Orr’s flying goal is now NHL ’94-themed desktop wallpaper

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Regular readers of this blog are likely familiar with Dave Delisle, the man behind the wonderfully creative and nerdy website, Dave's Geeky Hockey. We've featured several of Dave's pop culture-inspired hockey jerseys on the site over the years.

We've also documented Dave's completely healthy and reasonable obsession with NHL '94, which has led to cool stuff such as the chair mat we once got Cliff Ronning to stand on, and the incredibly awesome desktop wallpaper you see above.

As if you needed to be told, that would be a pixellated version of Bobby Orr in flight, the greatest hockey photo ever taken (unless you ask Sports Illustrated, who seem to think it was Wayne Gretzky's 802nd goal).

Suffice it to say, it's excellent, and the attention to detail is fantastic. Orr isn't the only one exactly where he should be. Contrast the pose of the players below, in a slightly less famous angle of the shot, with what you see above:

Everything in its right place.

According to Delisle, he drew sprites for Bobby Orr, the goalie, and Noel Picard, who tripped him. Then he edited the goal crease and removed the players' helmets.

He's also got a few other iconic photos in mind for future NHL '94-themed wallpapers. "I’m contemplating doing a few others," he writes, "such as Paul Henderson’s ’72 goal, the USA Miracle on Ice celebration, the Golden Goal from 2010 (Crosby), and that’s all that comes to mind right now.

Check out Dave's Geeky Hockey for a few extra versions of the wallpaper, such as one with the star under Orr, one with the game's user interface, and different aspect ratios.

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