Is Dane Byers’ illegal hit on Sharks’ Andrew Desjardins Shanaban-able ? (Video)

Another day, another ugly hit in the NHL. This one comes to us from Saturday's tilt between the San Jose Sharks and the Columbus Blue Jackets, as Jackets' winger Dane Byers stepped into Andrew Desjardins.

Early in the second period, Desjardins pokes the puck out of the zone. That's when Byers comes from the side and lands a heavy shoulder. Problem is, Desjardins never sees him. Also, contact is to the head. Click here or on the screencap below for video.

It's hard to say definitively if a play is going to earn supplemental discipline these days, but this looks like a fairly suspendable hit to me, since it has the look of one of them there east-west blindside head hits.

UPDATE: According to Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson, via Twitter, Byers will have a phone hearing with the NHL on Monday.

Unsurprisingly, the coach of the victim feels the same way. From David Pollak:

"That's exactly what we want to eliminate from the game, exactly," Sharks coach Todd McLellan said.

That's a strong quote, and you have to imagine there are going to be some unhappy people in San Jose if the hit doesn't draw a suspension. I suspect it will.

Desjardins had to be helped from the ice and was taken directly to the quiet room. He said he felt fine after the game, but the Sharks are going to be cautious with this one.

McLellan was quick to point out, however, that with head injuries such as concussions, the full extent of the damage is not always immediately apparent.

"You just don't know when it's going to step up and affect you," McLellan said. "Right now he's feeling OK, but we'll see how he is in the morning."

Here's hoping he's fine in the morning.

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