Blacky Hawky Spider: The oddest Chicago Blackhawks fight song ever recorded (Video)

The Chicago Blackhawks are already closely associated with a few musical numbers. There's classic J. Swayzee tune "Here Come the Hawks", the club's official fight song. There's "Chelsea Dagger", the obnoxious Fratellis hit the team plays after goals.

And now, if we're lucky, there's "Blacky Hawky Spider", a strange and bewildering tune sung here by Dr. Matthew Stewart, a man that appears to be equal parts Red Green, The Dude, and Hulk Hogan.

Man, screw "Here Come the Hawks". "Blacky Hawky Spider" is way better. And is J. Swayzee a doctor? Because Dr. Matthew Stewart totally is.

Now, if you're a fan of another team and you're envious that this gentleman has bestowed this incredible musical triumph on Chicago fans and Chicago fans alone, fret not, because the good doctor's song and accompanying construction paper spider are completely adaptable to other teams.

In fact, he's already got a few other "Itsy Bitsy Spider"-themed pump-up songs at the ready. My friends, I give you, "Mapey Leafy Spider".

And here's "Bruin Duin Spider".

This guy has some very supportive friends.

Now, thus far, only Chicago, Toronto, and Boston have been blessed with spider-themed songs, but it's okay, other fanbases, because this musical innovator is more than willing to lend his craft to the support of your team. As he explains below each video:

I'm Dr. Matt and is my website. Help yourself to my free book. Write me at if you'd like to buy any of my songs or characters, or if you'd like me to write a song or make a character especially for you and/or your team.

How generous!

Finally, if you're wondering where Dr. Matt's interest in the unlimited musical possibilities of the Itsy Bitsy spider began, I think I've sourced it to "Clunkum Chunkum Spider", although this video really raises more questions than it answers.

Anyway. On behalf of Blackhawks, Leafs, and Bruins supporters, let me be the first to thank Dr. Matt for these new songs. I'm sure they will be cherished among these fanbases for many years.

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