Blackhawks’ Patrick Sharp dresses up like a dog for Valentine’s Day surprise (VIDEO)

All right, so the bad news is that the title suggests a much, much more kinky post than this actually is. My apologies if you clicked through expecting some grown-ups only Puck Daddy action.

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But this video is still pretty great. In a promo for the Illinois Lottery, Patrick Sharp dons a dog costume to surprise a Blackhawks fan named Deb with a Valentine's Day gift basket. Of course, the real surprise is that the man inside the dog costume is Patrick Sharp:

Deb's reaction is perfect, especially as she under-reacts to Sharp showing up with the gift basket, perhaps because she's on camera and he's wearing a giant dog head over his regular head. It's even funnier when she nearly loses it at the sight of Tommy Hawk.

"Oh my god, Tommy Hawk!"

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But then Sharp removes the headgear and at that point, streamers fly and Deb realizes she just brushed off her favourite Blackhawk. I love the way she trips over her words trying to explain why she initially gave the mascot more love.

"I would have hugged you more if I had known... I gave Tommy Hawk a better, uh... wow, I'm speechless."

From that point on, however, she hangs all over him. "Mindy, eat your heart out," she says to her unseen friend Mindy. Quality Valentine's Day for Deb.

s/t to Dominick Hansen.

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