Blackhawks ‘Magical Movie Collection’ features Ana-Kane Skywalker, Toews as Wolverine (Video)

They're still the champs, and I don't mean in the Stanley Cup-winning sense (although that's true too). The Chicago Blackhawks have once again given us the winning holiday video of the holiday video season.

The Chicago Blackhawks Magical Movie Collection features snippets from several of your favourite films, recast with star members of the reigning Cup champions. In some cases, it's an improvement on the source material. In all cases, it's hilarious.

"Two for slashing." We approve.

Andrew Shaw vs. Antti Raanta in the Karate Kid is pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen. But I would watch that movie.

Same with Marcus Kruger in Titanic. "I'm da king of der world!"

Other choices really work, however. We endorse any video that features Kris Versteeg rapping, for instance.

Corey Crawford as Jacob Black? Solid. And he reads lines about as well as Taylor Lautner. Bryan Bickell as Travis Bickle? Nailed it, although I don't think "you talkin' to me?" is supposed to be followed by a self-satisfied smirk. But maybe it should have been.

And lord knows if anybody in Chicago has the jawline to play Bruce Wayne, it's Patrick Sharp. (Unfortunately, he's obviously a knockoff, because the real Batman's not wearing hockey pads.)

Finally, kudos to whoever came up with Patrick Kane as Anakin Skywalker (henceforth known as Ana-Kane). Not only does he sort of resemble Hayden Christensen, but he delivers George Lucas's awful dialogue far more convincingly.