Blackhawks’ goofy retro workout commercial earns our all-star vote

Say, were you on the fence about casting an NHL All-Star Game ballot for Jonathan Toews?

Perhaps you’re worried he can’t rock a headband. Or pump iron. Perhaps you’re concerned about him not being the Canadian dream.

Well, the Chicago Blackhawks are about to knock your backside off that fence. Because it’s time to Exercise Your Right To Vote!

(Well, clearly someone inside the Blackhawks video team is a Tim and Eric fan…)

The Blackhawks debuted the first in what we assume is a series of kitschy player-centric videos that feature headbands, tanktops, pastel colors and a 1980s aesthetic.

And if you’ve ever wanted to see a super-intense Patrick Kane in aerobics gear on a step machine winking at you, merry Christmas.

Is it uh hot in here did someone maybe leave the Yule log on a little too long swoon …

The lesson here, folks: Jonathan Toews is a comedy genius who chooses not to unleash his powers, and any time you mine the 1980s for comedy, it’s gold.

And yes, that is an excuse to run this Los Angeles Kings video again: