Bill Daly on NHL owners meeting; Connor McDavid’s deal; sick women’s goal (Puck Headlines)

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• Evoking the NHL lockout through Cat Shaming. [Clattertron]

• Sidney Crosby discusses the lockout, and haz a sad. [What's Up Ya Sieve?]

• Interesting infographic about the man-games lost to work stoppages for Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr. He's no Bob Goodenow … yet. [CBC Sports]

• Bill Daly on the leaks from the players/owners: "The players told us that they were insisting on the termination of the players-owners only meeting dynamic, which we felt had been helpful in gaining some traction in talks. They told us, two or three times in the same conversation, that their decision in that regard was non-negotiable. Our owners weren't happy with that decision and essentially decided to disengage." [THN]

• Why this Columbus Blue Jackets fan is the NHL's worst nightmare. [The Cannon]

• Why 15-year-old Connor McDavid is getting an endorsement deal with Reebok. [Buzzing The Net]

• Well, at least the Stanley Cup is keeping busy. [In Forum]

• Alex Ovechkin misses Washington. "I miss my friends and family, but again, you professional, and if you have a time to relax you have to use it." [NPR]

• What the NBA lockout can teach us about the NHL lockout: "But the NHL knows it can bend on some of its demands -- as it has on several already -- so it's testing the union to see how far it can go. The union knows this too, so it's testing itself to see how long it can hold on to other rights now that it has conceded a drop to a 50/50 split of revenue. Both sides know a full lost season is too high a price to pay for any remaining sought gains." [SB Nation]

• Here's an update on the Seattle arena project. [The Hockey Writers]

• The Florida Panthers and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were born 20 years ago today. [PHT]

• Would Amnesty Be Rick DiPietro's Final Chapter with the Islanders? [Lighthouse Hockey]

• Good stuff from Dellow on the owners wanting a long-term CBA agreement: "A lockout is an investment for ownership of NHL teams. They are investing foregone revenues and damage to their brands in the hopes that they'll be rewarded for that investment with higher profitability or franchise values or both. A longer deal equals a more significant return on their investment. If the NHLPA gives that deal to them, despite the undeniably valid concerns that Fehr raises about the legitimacy of the union entering into such a lengthy CBA, it increases the NHL's return on its investment of foregone revenue, legal fees and goodwill in a lockout." [mc79hockey]

• Once again, real life invades the rink, as a man is charged after shattering another player's jaw with his stick. [Fox2]

• Did Jonathan Huberdeau tackle a linesman? [Backhand Shelf]

• Please to be welcoming Puck Voice to the hockey blogosphere. [Puck Voice]

• This Onion bit about the Bleacher Report is NSFW and rather hilarious. [The Onion]

• Finally, check out Brianna Decker's nasty dangle for Wisconsin against North Dakota [via Bucky's 5th Quarter]

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