Bikini Hockey League media day has bikinis, some hockey (VIDEO)

The Bikini Hockey League, you'll recall, is a Tulsa-based inline hockey organization that wanted to offer a competitive league for women (in bikinis) while filming its players living in a mansion (in bikinis) while they tried out for teams (spoiler: in bikinis).

The BHL, which will collectively punch you in the face if you compare it to the Lingerie Football League, held a "media day" recently in Oklahoma, affording us with our first look at the participants and the league's play (i.e., you see someone shoot a puck briefly).

Wow, that was distracting. We mean the Miley Cyrus song on the clip that references global warming for a hockey league that doesn't use ice.

Anyhoo, the BHL is looking to expose displaced NHL fans to their particular brand of hockey, as stated on its website:

Each week, we will be highlighting the happenings in the Bikini Hockey League and highlighting one of our sizzle reel athletes! Please take time to LIKE our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as might even strike up a conversation with one of our talented and beautiful athletes!

With the current lockout of the NHL, we know we can fill your hockey void!

Fill your void. Got it.

The BHL also has an official trailer that shows off … well, everything.

Pretty much the worst rendition of "We Will Rock You" ever put to music in that clip. Worse than Nickelback.Worse than Warrant. Worse than Nickelback covering Warrant.