Bid $45,000, finally start your own pro roller hockey league

Chances are if you had $45,000 just lying around, you'd put it to good use; like trying to scalp Winter Classic tickets after you lost the "general public random drawing" announced today by the NHL.

But maybe that's not what you're into. Maybe you'd rather be the Vince McMahon of your own professional roller hockey league, like the late not-so-great Roller Hockey International.

Step one would be to secure your own roller hockey rink. Like the one being auctioned off until Tuesday on eBay, with the price set at 45 grand. It's got "good old-fashioned wood boards with players' box doors and equipment entry doors, Plexiglas on the ends and tempered glass on the viewing side." It's got two scoreboards, rental gear and protective netting around the rink. Slight drawback: It's located in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., and available for pickup only via "two full semi-truckloads of product." That's a lot of product.

But hey, if it means the resurrection of the New Jersey Rockin' Rollers or the Orlando Rollergators or or the San Francisco Hippys or the Utah Rollerbees, then isn't it worth the effort? Hell, if Bryan Trottier was a Pittsburgh Phantom for Roller Hockey International, there has to be some NHL players eager to lace up the blades for your league. For example, we hear Sundin's looking for work ...

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