Bettman booing to Schneider trade, watch fans’-eye tour of NHL Draft in New Jersey (Video)

Say what you will about New Jersey Devils fans – and no doubt you’ve said something along the lines of “all 20 of them” – but they brought the heat in the first round of the NHL Draft at Prudential Center on Sunday night. From booing Commissioner Gary Bettman to chanting “MARTY’S BETTER!” at Patrick Roy to their incredible stunned response to the Cory Schneider trade, their reactions were a memorable soundtrack.

One fan took his video recorder (and more spiffy scene transition wipes than a Bar Mitzvah video from 1993) and captured all of it from the cheap seats, as well as the fan experience outside the Rock. (The Bettman stuff begins at 3:20):

The Schneider trade reaction was even more chaotic than when Jordan Staal was traded in Pittsburgh.

As the video shows, the Devils also set up some Jersey Shore experiences for fans outside the arena, from mini-golf to a Ferris Wheel to muscle-bound Italians with tribal tattoos getting oiled up by Snooki. OK, maybe not that last one. But there was a Springsteen cover band!

s/t Michael Dunn