Best and worst of Winter Classic 2015 merchandise (Video/Photos)

WASHINGTON, DC – While some fans might be feeling a bit of NHL outdoor game malaise, it’s a different vibe at the site of the games. There’s a feeling of excitement, of history, and of wanting to commemorate that experience with as much swag as two arms can carry out of the ballpark.

The 2015 Winter Classic is no exception, as Washington Capitals and Chicago Blackhawks fans flood several gear shops around Nationals Park to buy … pretty much anything you can think of, from pucks to mini-Zambonis to plush Ovechkins.

Above in the video, myself and Sean Leahy reveal the best and worst items in the official swag shop. Below, here are some of the keepsakes available for the 2015 Winter Classic.

(Please note that some of the prices listed here are funky, and not the nice round numbers you’d expect to see. That’s due to a D.C. sales tax law; the full price comes up at the register.)

PUCKS! Big pucks! Little pucks!

There's an entire bin of these things in the store. The large pucks cost $9.07; the small pucks are around $2 and rather perfect if, say, you're a hockey writer with a 4-year-old daughter who will be happy getting anything so shut up and here's your $2 baby puck ...

As we mentioned in the video, the Capitals' "Capt. America" hats are going to sell well. Here are the some of the other hats available...

And a few more. These ones run you $27.21.

But if want hats you can wear in the spring are your thing:

The hat we highlighted in the video on the left is atrocious but as you can see, there are other options. Most run you $22.68.

GAH! It's the Red Army! Get the mountains with Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell! WOLVERINES!

Oh, wait, sorry, it's just a collection of Alex Ovechkin plush dolls that run you an actually reasonable $19.95. Or maybe it's Jim from "The Office." It's a little unclear.

Winter Classic mini-goalie masks. We here they actually used Darren Pang's head for the mould. ($27.21)

Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic player shirts. Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa and Corey Crawford. MAN is Patrick Sharp gonna be pissed. ($31.75)

The official Winter Classic teddy bear, which runs you $13.80. And now I feel like a schmuck for getting my daughter that $2 mini-puck.

Winter Classic mini-Zamboni created by Sorta-Legos. Is a Zamboni really all that much of a challenge to build, seeing as how it's one giant block of blocks and a few wheels? Oh well, drop your $20 and find out.

The official Winter Classic Game Program. How great is it that they put Toews and Ovechkin on the National Mall, which is where everyone wanted this game to be played in the first place? We're getting trolled by a game program.

There are more than a few shirts cut for the ladies, including this Blackhawks one that runs you $22.67. We can report that we few, if any at all, pink bedazzled monstrosities in the gear store.

The official Winter Classic sweaters. The Capitals one looks amazing in person, even if we still argue that the red and the blue should be flipped. They run you $181.41.


What's a hockey game without shots, amirite?

The official Winter Classic shot glasses will cost you $7.25 apiece. The booze inside, hopefully, a bit more. But we're not going to judge you, Diplomat Vodka fans.

And finally ...

Every event needs its super clever and cute shirt that you'll wear twice before retiring it for the gym or to sleep in.