Ben Bishop, Brandon Prust debate meaning of life on ice and it doesn’t end well (VIDEO)

On Saturday afternoon, the Tampa Bay Lightning visited the Montreal Canadiens. During a TV timeout, Ben Bishop and Brandon Prust were skating together having a conversation.

All of a sudden, Bishop gave Prust a catching-mitt sandwich to the face. As expected, a brouhaha ensued. Take a look...

s/t to Kukla's Korner for the video

A couple notes on the dust-up:

1. Prior to the mitt-sandwich, Prust gives Bishop something I believe the men call a 'cup check' with his stick (second video here). If I had those parts, I'd probably be mad, too.

2. The patron in front of the camera is giving a quick one-finger salute at the beginning of the video.

3. Pretty sure the phrase "You don't know me" was used at some point.

4. I applaud the overly-clothed ice boys for continuing to do their job for a while all hell breaks loose. At one point, the one guy with the headset is like "What do I do, guys? WHAT DO I DO? SERIOUSLY, GUYS, WHAT DO I...I'm getting the (expletive) out of here."

5. What is it with the Eastern Conference and goaltender violence?