Belfast Giants present stirring tribute to fans after nightmare season (Video)

If you think your hockey team had a rough season, then you probably haven’t heard about the Belfast Giants. The Elite Ice Hockey League (U.K.) team discovered that new owner Christopher Knight was a registered sex offender in Florida. That led to the team “abandoning” its franchise, and re-signing their contracts under a new ownership structure.

With that controversy, and with their head coach leaving for the rival Sheffield Steelers, the Giants enter 2013-14 with some adversity. So they decided to reach out to fans with a new video that reaffirms its ties to the fans and community. It’s '24/7’ good:

Honestly, got a little misty on that one.

Isn’t that what we all want? A team to say it doesn’t belong to anyone but us? “We wear your jerseys. We play for your team.”

Sure, it’s idealist pap that probably isn’t true for any professional athlete. But can’t we believe it for, like, a moment?

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