Behold the insanity of one Leafs fan’s Gotye parody, ‘A Franchise That I Used to Know’ (VIDEO)

Back in the postseason, a trio of Vancouver Canucks fans gave us a nice little parody of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know," complete with blue and green body paint. It was good, but it lacked two important factors. First, its shelf life was short, as the video boosted the team's playoff hopes, only to see the team get eliminated from the playoffs less than a week later. Second, it wasn't batcrap insane.

Andrew Damelin's done it better. The Toronto Maple Leafs fan touches on disillusionment with the way the Leafs are being run and ceaseless, crushing disappointment, so his video will likely stay topical for longer. As for the batcrap insanity, well, enjoy "A Franchise That I Used to Know":

Seriously, you'd think this was directed by Dario Argento, what with the way it descends into madness. First you're just looking at Damelin's pointy nipples and you're like, "That's a little weird, but I'm OK, I'm OK."

Then the second verse begins, and you start to feel unsettled by Damelin's creaky falsetto as he attempts the part that's supposed to belong to Kimbra or another woman.

But, while you're adjusting to that -- bam -- it happens. Damelin and body artist Elise Troister suddenly unveil the horror that is backpaint Kerry Fraser in all his creepy, rippling glory, and at that moment, the video achieves a level of profound, visionary insanity you simply can't expect. It basically becomes a deleted scene from "The Cell."

And then it's over, leaving you curled up in the fetal position, trying to remember your name.

s/t to Down Goes Brown.

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