Behold the new fan bridges of Madison Square Garden (Photos)

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Having spent most of the preseason in western Canada, and on the road for almost all of October as renovations finish up in Madison Square Garden like they did in 2011-12, the New York Rangers probably can't wait to get home.

As part of the new-look MSG, which will see the New York Knicks open up with a preseason game on Oct. 25, followed by the Rangers' home opener three days later, newly-installed bridges will be seen hanging above that will be able to hold up to 900 seated fans.

The iconic venue, which has seen notable events from the first Wrestlemania to Joe Frazier versus Muhammad Ali to John Lennon's final concert appearance, is the oldest arena in the NHL and is one of the busiest in the world.

According to the New York Post, it's 94 feet between the bridges and the MSG floor, so still close enough to yell, "LET'S GO RANG-AHS" or "HEY RICH-ARDS, YOU SUCK!" and have the players hear it. Just like old times.

From the Post:

The north bridge has 355 seats and the south bridge 75, plus space for media.

The bridges are meant to resemble the suspension bridges that connect Manhattan to the mainland and outer boroughs, Beynon said.

So, what are these seats going to cost fans? Anywhere between $110-$210, says the Post.

As you see, the bridges don't hang over any part of the ice, but if you're sitting in one of the top rows, you can't be too pleased. Your view doesn't appear to be obstructed in any way, but you probably won't be able to see the scoreboard or the numerous fights in the crowd on the other side of the rink when the Flyers are in town.

Check out the NY Rangers Blog for some more pics taken over the summer.

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