Behold, the Stanley Keg of hockey! (Photo)

They say there’s no improving on perfection, and that’s probably true in most cases that don’t involve transforming a beer keg into the Stanley Cup.

Puck Daddy reader Damiën Valkenburg explains:

“I think some Dutch guys changed the game.

“I play with Nijmegen University Radboud Saints in the Dutch college-league. Every season we end with our playoffs, in which the grand prize is the Stanley Keg.

“Which is a Keg of "Olm"-beer turned into a shabby Stanley Cup replica.

“As with the real thing, champions engrave their players in the keg to remain forever a part of Dutch College Hockey history, for whatever that's worth. This year we were lucky (badass) enough to win it all. 

“They made it a couple of years ago and it has become our holy grail ever since. 

“I thought you might like the idea. Groeten uit Nederland!”

Now, by no means is this the only Stanley Keg we’ve come across. See also:

* The Stanley Keg of Tampa Bay, “a beer keg with a wood trophy box and a cup screwed to the top of the keg.”

* The Stanley Keg of Montreal, pictured here with none other than Max Talbot(!).

* The Stanley Keg of This College Humor Post From 2002, which is also a beer bong.

Really, every beer league in the world should have their own variation on this theme. Provided of course they have the accompanying Stanley Red Solo Cup.