‘Because The Cup Belongs in Canada’: NHL Stanley Cup ad campaign expands to Canucks, other teams

Last week we told you about the NHL's new ad campaign for the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs called "Because It's The Cup." The initial phase played to casual fans and general audiences — the somewhat divisive "because hockey has two halftimes" commercial — but subsequent ads promised to feature specific teams and players.

The team-centric part of the campaign is hitting now, including this spot focusing on the Vancouver Canucks that is set to debut on Thursday night:

"Because the Cup Belongs In Canada," eh? We're sure that's a high priority for the Swedes and Americans who make up a good portion of the team's core …

Coming up, the other team-centric "Because It's The Cup" ads hitting your airwaves. Are you digging this new campaign or not?

The Boston Bruins:

The New York Rangers:

And to get a sense of the player-centric ads, here's the one produced for Daniel and Henrik Sedin: