In the battle of David Booth vs. black bear, David Booth wins (PHOTO)

When we first spoke with David Booth in 2008, he told us about how he enjoyed hunting during the off-season. He also informed us of his disappointment after not seeing a bear while out on a bear hunt.

Today, David Booth captured his "white whale".

Hunting in Alberta with some friends, Booth Tweeted a picture of a his catch with the message: "Just killed a Chara sized bruin! 7ft black bear- 21in skull."

Booth didn't reveal how the bear met its demise, but he did tell us he preferred to use a bow to hunt his prey.

In Aug. 2010, Booth told George Richards of the Miami Herald he was going to make use (while still with the Panthers) of an alligator permit that he bought. With new boots or a belt out of that hunt, will this "Chara sized bruin" be used as a garden gnome at the Booth household?

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