Battle of the Blades III Review: another 3-way tie; Curtis, Elena go home

Welcome back to Battle of the Blades, the show with more ties than the pre-lockout NHL.

Yes, just like three weeks ago, we had yet another statistical dead heat in the Monday night results show, as only Tanith & Boyd were excused from the final skateoff of season three; everyone else found themselves tied for second like it was sports day at a kindergarten.

According to Ron Maclean, the split between second and third was .002%. I argued this last time, and again I would argue that this is not a tie. How the crap can something be a tie if you are able to ascertain a margin of victory, however narrow it might be?

The other problem with the three-way tie, of course, was that it forced us to rewatch three quarters of Sunday night's program. The way this show recycles its content is shameless.

Anyway, the three pairs skated, each improving on Sunday night's performances, leaving the judges a tough decision.

They unanimously chose Curtis and Elena.

That said, Christopher Dean claimed the difference between the three pairs was "infinitesimal." Thank God no one from that crack audit firm was on the panel, otherwise they might have recommended another tie.

Speaking of the judges, one final thing: week in and week out, I've railed against them for their uselessness, and I feel fairly validated in my opinions, especially since Canada seems to agree. Bryan & Marie-France were given perfect scores all across the board on Sunday night, but the voters went in a completely opposite direction, sending them to the Monday night skateoff instead. Clearly, the 99% do not trust the judging acumen of this panel. Is it time to occupy the BotB judges?

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