Barry Trotz fires back at Glenn Healy for comments on Alex Ovechkin's mom

Barry Trotz fires back at Glenn Healy for comments on Alex Ovechkin's mom

You may rip Alex Ovechkin all you want, but don't you dare talk about his mother!

That seems to be the feeling around the Capitals at the moment after former NHL goaltender Glenn Healy ranted about the player, and his mom, on Sportsnet in the video below from Wednesday.

The question surrounds whether Ovechkin is coachable:

Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post chronicles Caps coach Barry Trotz's defense of his superstar, and his mom, from the team's stop in Calgary, where the Caps play Saturday.

“Yeah, I did hear it, actually,” he said. “I was quite disappointed, that coming from a player about a player. Anytime you go personal with family and stuff like that, to me that’s absolutely very disrespectful to the player and our profession. I was very disappointed in that."

Through six games, there has been a love fest between Ovechkin and Trotz, and that continued in the coach's conversation with Prewitt. Trotz said that Ovi "sort of put Washington back on the map" since his arrival in 2005-06. 

The Trotz defense is noted and probably praised around the Capitals -- though it does keep the story alive even longer and gives it a different twist. 

But what's with the Ovechkin ripping ... again? This seems to be a rite of passage when he plays in Canada. His team has one loss in regulation. He has five goals in six games.

True, he hasn't won a Stanley Cup, but he has plenty of good prime years left to lead his team to one. 

Oh, and the whole point of that video was whether Ovechkin is a coach killer. Did you know he has played for just one fewer than Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby? You never hear anyone ask if Crosby is coachable. Just sayin'...