New Bakersfield Condors jerseys have metallic wings, are ‘most expensive in ECHL history’ (Photo)

The Bakersfield Condors are one of our favorite hockey teams for many reasons. Those reasons include the night their mascot went wild and mocking a bankrupt rival and wearing wrestling singlet jerseys and offering free tickets if they fail to make the playoffs and Charlie Sheen Night and offering a contract to Justin Bieber.

It’s in that grand tradition that the Condors, now the ECHL affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers, debuted their new sweaters this week. Sweaters that their team president claims are “the most expensive game jerseys in the history of the ECHL and possibly all of hockey.”

And they have metallic wings:


OK, they’re not really metallic. But these jerseys have a wing pattern created with "Dazzle" metallic fabric down the sleeves, which is a Lurex-like thread onto which metal has been vaporized. So metal-ish wings. But wings nonetheless.

From the Condors, with their usual subtly:

"We consider these to be the greatest jerseys in the world," said Condors Team President Matthew Riley. "These are the most expensive game jerseys in the history of the ECHL and possibly all of hockey. It's a new paradigm this season on the ice, and these jerseys are part of that. We think our fans, players, and feathered friends will welcome them with open wings."

"As the authentic outfitter to the ECHL, CCM is proud to work with the member teams on their new uniform programs," said Director of Softwoods Ross McCracken. "Working with the Bakersfield Condors allowed CCM to explore new areas of design and application of performance materials to help the Condors tell their brand story. The end result is a progressive uniform design that the players and many fans of the Condors will be very proud to wear."

OK, so “the most expensive game jerseys in the history of the ECHL.” What does this mean? The Condors won’t release the actual price tag, save to say that they’re “more than the $125 the retail ones go for.”

Here are more photos of the new sweaters on Pinterest.