This baby would like to be removed from the Stanley Cup now, please (Photo)

Suppose you're ambling along with your baby, and you happen to across the Stanley Cup. Quick: what do you do?

The baby goes in the Cup. That's just how this works. It's basically the law.

Granted, no babies were consulted on this law, and one gets the sense that some babies really, really wish they had been. Case in point, Kris Draper's kid, who pooped in the Cup obviously out of protest, or the above baby that would rather be just about anywhere else.

I'll assume that's what's going on in the photo above. That kid is just miserable. Either that she's Tebowing, in which case: Get with it, baby. Tebowing is over.

This downright perfect photo was taken Monday night by Michael Singer at Stanley's Bar in Chicago, where the Cup made a surprise appearance, later joined by Patrick Sharp and Jeremy Roenick.

"A lot of people were in line," Singer said. "Everyone crowded around. Finally, I just saw a couple put their baby in it. I just happened to get lucky because the baby looked miserable when the camera went off. As soon as I saw it I was like, wow, that looks ridiculous."

Indeed. I love how excited the parents are, too. The kid looks almost embarrassed by it. Maybe she has designs on winning it one day and could do without the curse?

But Singer floated another theory for why she looked so sullen. Maybe she's not a Blackhawks fan.

"The parents aren't in Blackhawks gear," he pointed out.

It's a savvy observation. If this baby is a Bruins fan, Red Wings fan or Canucks fan, this isn't just a mild annoyance -- it's torture.

s/t to Eye on Hockey.

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