This is awesome: Watch LA Kings fan’s Game 7 experience through his eyes (Video)

Eric Locko is a Los Angeles Kings fan (and Puck Daddy reader) who attended Tuesday night’s Game 7 victory over the San Jose Sharks.

What was the experience like? See for yourself, through his eyes:

Locko strapped a GoPro camera on his head and filmed his journey: From his bedroom to Staples Center to the party outside to his kitchen for victory booze to his living room for highlights. He told us “I made a little video tonight of Game 7 to show to my friends who couldn't make the game.”

As you might notice, he didn’t film all of the game inside the arena, telling us that he could only strap it on “at the right times” because he was told at first his camera wasn’t allowed in the building. But he managed to use it inside enough, to capture the vibe.

Oh, and for the record: He doesn’t have the wingspan of a Pterodactyl, in case you were wondering. “I'm 6-6 to begin with, so if it looks like my arm is 15 feet long, the GoPro’s wide angle lens can explain that,” he said.

Awesome stuff. It’s like if we took a hit from that drug in “Strange Days” and watched the Stanley Cup Playoffs from someone else’s memories. Or we went to the 7-and-a-halfth floor and entered the mind of an LA puckhead ala “Being John Malkovich.”

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