Awesome: Junior hockey player shatters glass with skate kick in BCHL (VIDEO)

It's always a real surprise when glass breaks during a hockey game, but really, it shouldn't be.

When a grown man throws another grown man into a pane of glass, occasionally, the pane of glass should shatter. That's to be expected.

What isn't expected is when the glass is shattered by the force of a heel kick (unless you clicked on this post because that's what the title promises). That's what happens when Teal Burns -- yes, that's his real name -- of the BCHL's Alberni Valley Bulldogs meets the glass behind the Nanaimo Clippers goal:

Way to go, Chun-Li.

It's a harmless enough play. Burns races behind the Clippers' net to reverse the course of a puck, swivelling and throwing it back up the boards. As he turns, however, he's hit, causing his leg to swing up and, somehow, right out into the observation area behind the goal. What a kick.

I guess you could say he kicked this game up a notch, if by up a notch, you mean into a 30-minute delay.

Burns wasn't injured on the play and remained in the game. Plus, he learned that, if hockey doesn't work out for him, he's got a future in tae kwon do.

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