Avalanche announcer on Kronwall hit: ‘talk about getting a little of your own medicine’

Harrison Mooney

We've talked, in the past, about Colorado announcer Mike Haynes and his pro-Avalanche slant. Admittedly, most local announcers tend to favour the home team, but Haynes is a master at it, especially on back-breaking goals against, where Haynes has been known to no-sell the goal in a disappointed mumble.

That's far from my favourite type of announcing, but I have a whole lot more time for that than I do for Haynes' call of the Niklas Kronwall hit Thursday night, which left the Detroit Red Wings' blue liner concussed and bleeding from the face. As McLeod drives Kronwall's head into the wall, Haynes shows his steel blue and burgundy colours in a truly uncomfortable way.

"He is crushed! Oh, what a hit by McLeod!" Haynes says. "And then McLeod is thrown down to the ice," as though McLeod's safety is the concern here. Again, here are Kronwall's injuries.

And then:

"Well, I'll tell you what, you talk about getting a little of your own medicine," Haynes observes, as Kronwall lies motionless on the ice. "Kronwall made a living in this league with big hits and he just got crushed there by Cody McLeod."

Considering a hospital trip seemed likely at that point, a little of your own medicine seems perhaps a touch over the line.

Fortunately, colour commentator Peter McNab reins it in a bit, pointing out that a) one probably shouldn't celebrate a hit that looks a lot like the one that sent Dan Boyle to the hospital two days ago, and b) McLeod saw nothing but numbers.

"Does he see the numbers? Are the numbers right there? They are, Mike. The numbers are right there... Look at the numbers, Mike."

Yeah. The numbers are your clue that this isn't a good hit, and it's probably not the time to be claiming Kronwall got what was coming to him.

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