Arizona Sundogs' owner, GM will be buried alive to sell season tickets

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Facebook / ArizonaSundogs
Facebook / ArizonaSundogs

The Central Hockey League’s Arizona Sundogs have some creative ideas while trying to recruit new season seat holders. Last year, the organization put front office staff inside a scissor lift with the goal of selling 300 new season tickets. After six days, they succeeded. 

This year, they’re taking things one step further.

On Friday, an excavator began digging a hole in an empty lot off State Route Highway 69 in Prescott Valley big enough for a 22-foot metal container. The container won’t act as some kind of time capsule, rather, majority owner Brad Fain and GM Chris Presson will be buried alive, beginning Wednesday afternoon, eight feet underground until 300 season tickets are sold.

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The team was able to meet their goal during the scissor lift campaign, so you’d have to imagine the fan base and community like the Sundogs and Fain and Presson enough to ensure their time underground in the hot Arizona sun doesn’t as long as last six days.

Fain and Presson won't be completely "buried alive," as a grated cattle guard will be placed on top so that breathing won't be an issue. Also, we're not quite sure why the Undertaker isn't involved.

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