Anthony Weiner, a.k.a. ‘Carlos Danger’, is also a beer league hockey goalie

By now, you've probably heard the name Anthony Weiner. If you didn't before this week, you probably know his pseudonym, "Carlos Danger." The disgraced Congressman is attempting to run for mayor of New York City and once again found himself in the middle of controversy.

But while Weiner gets his kicks on his cell phone, he's also likes to spend time on the ice as a hockey goalie.

Nick Paumgarten of the New Yorker was playing in his late-night men's league when he noticed the goaltender at the other end was none other than Weiner, in-between sexting scandals. They had played against the former Congressman several times in the past, but now he had some notoriety to him.

While he had some fame, his game was still not very good, writes Paumgarten:

Near the end of the game, Fitzy skated in on Weiner on yet another breakaway. Weiner wasn’t going to fall for it this time, was he? Oh boy. Once again, Weiner was, as they say, completely undressed. Those of us watching from the bench hung our heads in embarrassment, and maybe to hide our snickering, which could be grounds for more punches to the face. If he had so much trouble with the backhand five-hole, he’d be no match for the teachers’ union or the party hacks in the Bronx.

After the news that he had used a Yahoo! (hey, that's us!) account under the name "Carlos Danger", we tried the Slate pseudonym name generator using some from the NHL world. Here are our results:

Sidney Crosby: Emilio Verboten
Alex Ovechkin: Osvaldo Stealth
Wayne Gretzky: Felipe Smash
Gordie Howe: Eduardo Distress
Patrick Kane: Rolando Badass
Paul Bissonnette: Fabricio Death
Teemu Selanne: Jaime Death
Gary Bettman: Pascual Scourge
Donald Fehr: Julio Covert
Guy Serota: Felipe Catastrophe

Serota's seems perfect considering how his time as an NHL mediator went.

Stick-tap Alex Silverman

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