Another 'Slap Shot' sequel, and it's gone all 'Mighty Ducks'

You may remember there actually was a sequel to "Slap Shot," the 1977 Paul Newman/George Roy Hill/Nancy Dowd hockey classic whose legacy has framed the puckhead experience very much in the same way "Caddyshack" defines the frivolity of golf. Then again, maybe you can't recall (or forced yourself to forget) "Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice," the 2002 direct-to-video suckfest starring Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey. We're guessing Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey can't remember the film, or 2002 for that matter, either.

In any case, prepare yourself for another "Slap Shot" sequel ... only this time it's going to be marketed to moviegoers whose parents may not have been born when the original film was released. Casting is underway on "Slap Shot: Junior League," according to Clint Morris from Moviehole, who provides additional details about this deftly-plotted film:

"Slap Shot: Junior League", penned by Brad Riddell ("American Pie: Band Camp"), takes a page out of the "Mighty Ducks" book. It centers on a group of Orphans, led by a young woman named Riley, who not only have to convince the town that they're worth mention in a form guide, but save their homes at the same time. The film is complete with stuff the kiddies will love - 14-year-old commentators, lots of kids getting up to mischief scenes, and a bunch of dissimilar characters (some about as useful as a box of shoelaces).

The one thing I appreciated about the script, which I had the pleasure of scrawling through on the weekend, was that it has a couple nods in it to the original film - mostly, the fact that ‘Newman' is the surname of one of the characters. One of the main characters.

We approach this project with an open mind, because a preteen who enjoys "Slap Shot: Junior League" may eventually grow into someone sneaking beers from his dad to watch the bloody, vulgar original classic with his buddies; thus passing the legacy of Reggie Dunlop down to another generation. (Can't wait to see that blurb on the poster: "It's a cinematic gateway drug!" - Yahoo! Sports.)

Rafe Telsch of Cinema Blend is more doubtful: "The original Slap Shot came about at a time when sports movies were more Bad News Bears than the types of stories we have now. A different era breeds a different film, and I can't imagine making this a Slap Shot movie will do much for the box office, assuming this sequel even makes it to theaters."

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