Angry Coyotes fan legally tases Glendale mayor at charity event (Video)

Remember Coyotes fan Ronda Pearson who ranted at the Glendale mayor during a special City Council session Wednesday that essentially voided the Coyotes lease in Glendale?

She got to live her dream – or many Coyotes fans dreams – and by tasing Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers. It was for charity of course.

Per 12 News in the Phoenix area:

Weiers said he would allow himself to be Tased if he was able to raise $10,000 for the 100 Club of Arizona, a group that raises money for first responders.

The donor was anonymous, however a crowdfunding effort to raise the money had been in the works by various Arizona Coyotes fans.

“Makes me a little nervous, I just want to make sure she’s OK,” Pearson said after the tasing occurred.

This was a total publicity stunt, but at least it raised money for first responders. Unfortunately, Weiers was not wearing his ‘No. 1 Mayor’ Coyotes jersey Pearson referenced during her rant at the Council on Wednesday.

Sadness. The next step involves a meeting between the Coyotes and the City Council on Tuesday. A Maricopa County court approved the Coyotes restraining order, which prevents the City of Glendale from voiding the team’s lease temporarily.

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