Andrew Shaw wins Game 1, drops F-bomb on NBC for Blackhawks (Video)

Andrew Shaw’s deflection goal at 12:08 of triple overtime ended one of the longest games in Stanley Cup Final history, as the Chicago Blackhawks took Game 1 against the Boston Bruins, 4-3.

He was exhausted and elated. And, well, he’s Andrew Shaw. These things considered, it’s no wonder the Blackhawks forward let an F-Bomb slip in his postgame chat with Pierre McGuire on NBC. Warning: NSFW for strong language. Obviously.

Shaw’s full quote:

“It’s what we needed to do. Get guys going to the net. We knew it wasn’t going to be pretty at this point. It was a great shot, a great set up, f---kin’, it was unbelievable. All the guys, we deserved this. It was a great battle for us.”

After the game, Shaw told ESPN Chicago:

"Slip of the tongue. I think I made up a word in there too. I was never good at English."

Thus continues a rather odd tradition of players in the Stanley Cup Final dropping the ole F-bomb with Mr. McGuire. Please recall both Dustin Brown and Jonathan Quick doing it after the Los Angeles Kings won the Cup last season.

What can we say … Pierre brings out the best in his interviews.

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