Andrew Shaw’s mother, hometown mayor absolve him for NBC F-bomb

After scoring the game-winning goal in triple overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks was interviewed on NBC and became the latest player to drop an F-bomb with Pierre McGuire, who apparently inspires such things.

Shaw said it was a “slip of the tongue” and “I was never good at English.”

If you were wondering what his mother thought about her baby boy getting colorful on national television … well, Justin Breen of DNAinfo Chicago reached out to Darlene Shaw to find out:

"I thought, you know what, they played three overtimes of hockey, physically and mentally, he was exhausted," said Darlene Shaw, who was born and raised in Belleville and whose husband Doug played junior hockey in the city.

Darlene Shaw, who attended Game 1 but didn't know her son had scored until a Hawks fan told her, said she was used to swearing.

"I have a husband who played hockey and sons who play hockey," she said. "I don't like it, but the soap went out the door years ago."

Breen also asked His Worship Mayor Neil R. Ellis of Belleville, Ont., about Shaw’s F-bomb; Ellis absolved him, saying that "playing at that caliber and that long, you're exhausted. It wasn't anything disrespectful."

You know, in case you were worried his citizenship might be revoked.

NHL video from Yahoo! Sports:

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