Andrew Shaw delivers ridiculous flying check to Barret Jackman; suspension? (Video)

You know all that talk about hits the NHL wants out of the game? We imagine leaping checks behind the net are top of the list.

So what will the Department of Player Safety do with Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks, who jumped into the air to hit St. Louis Blues defenseman Barret Jackman?

Sure, he failed in his attempt to deliver a John Cena-style shoulder tackle, but he ended up connecting with his leg, knocking Jackman to the ground. The whistle blew. Shaw started yelling at people, presumably to inquire about his frequent flyer miles, before going to the box.

For this moment of abject idiocy, Andrew Shaw was given … a two-minute minor for charging. Hey, kids, no injury!

Shaw hasn’t been fined or suspended since April 14, 2012, when he was given three playoff games for having the nerve to be the catalyst for Mike Smith’s dive.