Andrew Ladd to KHL (or not); Bodog lockout odds; Backes family social media (Puck Headlines)

• With nothing else to talk about, Reddit Hockey has become inundated with photos of people's awesome hockey stick furniture. These two stood out. One is a rocking chair. The other has awesome goalie stick armrests. [Reddit]

• Addicted to hockey betting to an absurd and almost comic degree? Bodog's got you covered. You can bet on whether the Winter Classic will be cancelled, whether replacement players will ever be used, and whether or not an NHLer will lead the AHL or KHL in scoring. Yay! [Bodog]

• Who is to blame for the NHL lockout? Everybody. Everybody is being stupid and selfish. [Blue Jackets Xtra]

• Donald Fehr sits down with Adam Proteau and lays out the problems with the NHL's position. "... they've come in with a position that essentially says, 'We are interested just in lowering salaries because we're interested in lowering salaries,' And while they say they want every team to make a fair profit, you will notice they don't tell you what that means. They don't tell you what a fair profit is, they don't say that, just to pick a team out for argument's sake, that 'in Phoenix, we have to create X dollars to make a fair profit,' and they are insisting that the salaries on Toronto and Vancouver and Montreal and the Rangers and everybody else has to be reduced so those teams can make even more profit at the same time. So there is no distinction between where problems may exist and where it is conceded that no problems exist." [The Hockey News]

• Minnesota Wild prospect Matthew Dumba scores an amazing goal from his knees. Seriously, he's on his knees from basically the blue line in and he just keeps and shoots. [Buzzing the Net]

• Bobby Ryan is spending his spare time working out with the Flyers. According to Randy Miller, he has no plans to head overseas because he doesn't want to take anyone's job. [Courier Post]

• Speaking of Randy Miller, he looooooves Bobby Ryan. "I don't think there is anyone on this earth, including BR's parents, that want him to go to Philly as much as Randy Miller does." [Anaheim Calling]

• After Don Cherry criticized the way he treated Nazem Kadri, Dallas Eakins fires back: "Don is headstrong and I am 100 per cent sure he believes everything he told that person to type on Twitter." Toronto, ladies and gentlemen. [Toronto Star]

• Andrew Ladd becomes the second North American to sign in the KHL, joining Avangard Omsk. [USA Today] UPDATE: According to Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press, Ladd has reversed course and changed his mind about heading to Russia. His wife is pregnant.

• As David Backes learned last night, when your wife links her Pinterest account to your Twitter account, you wind up tweeting out photos of animals, and infographics on how to do CPR on animals. [St Louis Game Time]

The Vancouver Canucks players will play a charity hockey game against the University of British Columbia. But since they're locked out right now and can't call themselves the Canucks, they've donned a new name: Bieksa's Buddies. [Pass it to Bulis]

• One of my favourite Canadian stories rears its head again: there is concern that not enough kids are playing minor hockey. Our end has been foretold! Who will save this country?! Bauer, that's who. But unfortunately, not Jack Bauer. [The Globe & Mail]

• Lindy Ruff would prefer the players go to Europe to play than stay home and practice. [Buffalo News]

The GST line was a big hit in Winnipeg, and they soaked up the majority of the Jets' penalty-killing time, which is weird since they actually weren't very good at it. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

• 20 years ago, Manon Rheaume made history with the Tampa Bay Lightning as the first woman to suit up for an NHL preseason game. [Montreal Gazette]

• Survive the lockout with these forgotten NHL-themed video games, like Yanic Perreault's Face Off Challenge. "Face offs, face offs, and more face offs. Master the art of the draw, over and over again. No shooting, no passing, no scoring. Just face offs." [Clattertron]

• Anthony Stewart has become the first NHLer to sign in... England. He'll suit up for the Nottingham Panthers in Britain's Elite League. [NY Times]

• Get to know Krys Barch, whose greatest weakness is apparently "fistccuracy". [Pegasus News]

• Michael Grabner will suit up for his hometown team in Austria, Villacher SV, during the lockout and he's stoked about it. [Lighthouse Hockey]

• I'm surprised this is the first punk-influenced lockout protest song, but it's a strong debut for the genre. "What the Puck" is quality anger music. Highlight: the high notes at "wah wah wah what I need".

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