Andrew Conboy dropped by ECHL team after 20-game suspension

NHL fans have been debating some suspensions recently: Dan Carcillo’s six games, Zac Rinaldo’s eight games. Some said they didn’t go far enough in sending a message to repeat offenders.

Meanwhile, in the ECHL, they’re dropping 20-game hammers.

Andrew Conboy of the Elmira Jackals was suspended 20 games by the League for a cross-checking incident against Brampton. He was given a major penalty and a game misconduct for cross checking another player in the face, and a match penalty for deliberately attempting to injure an opponent.

Conboy was a repeat offender, having been hit with a suspension last October and then having that suspension extended to four games. He was also suspended in Jan. 2014.  

The Jackals, having seen enough, waived Conboy after his suspension.

This is a bit of a reoccurring theme for Conboy, who was also dropped by the Cardiff Devils of the EIHL after his third suspension in his first season with the team. Said the team in a Nov. 2013 release:

"Andrew Conboy’s Elite League campaign has been a challenging one with three suspensions being carried at this early part of the season, and we feel Andrew is now a ‘marked man’ and will not be able to play to his full potential and we can’t risk any further suspensions.”

If Conboy’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he was the Michigan State freshman who helped Corey Tropp attack Steve Kampfer during a 2009 game against Michigan.  He punched him from behind, and Tropp slashed him in the neck.

Conboy then quit school and joined the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL after being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens.

Alas, the market for sociopaths in the NHL isn’t what it used to be, so he toiled in the AHL until 2012, bounced to the ECHL, had that regrettable season in the U.K. ad was on his second ECHL team in as many years until he was dropped.

But, c'mon, someone will hire him. They always do. And that's the real problem.