Andre Deveaux’s face stepped on by teammate’s skate in gruesome AHL scene (Video)

What’s the going rate for reparations after one teammate accidentally steps on the other one’s face with his skate? Expensive bottle of wine? Steak dinner? All the lap dances for a calendar year?

At 5:37 of the second period in Tuesday night’s game between Texas (Dallas Stars affiliate) and San Antonio (Florida Panthers affiliate) in the AHL, Rampage center Andre Deveaux took a high stick from a Stars player. He fell to the ice ... and then accidentally had his face slashed open by teammate Nolan Yonkman’s skate as he was flat on his back.

This is brutal:


Brandon Worley of SB Nation and Defending Big D describes the scene:

Deveaux lay on the ice, bleeding profusely from a gash on his head and left a long trail of blood across the ice as he was immediately taken to the locker room to be attended by arena medical staff. Initial replays of the incident appeared to show that Petersen had caught Deveaux with a high stick -- but a closer look revealed a much different reason for the injury.

No penalty was called on the play, although the San Antonio announcers refused to initially accept that Deveaux had been cut by a skate blade and called for a four-minute minor on Petersen. The cut was definitely from the skate, as Deveaux was sent to the hospital to repair the cut he received.

There was a 15-minute delay in the game after the incident.

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Deveaux is a 2002 Montreal Canadiens' draft pick, and the first person born in the Bahamas to play in the NHL. You may remember him as the guy you never heard of until he elbowed Tomas Fleischmann in the head, earning a 3-game suspension.

According to the Rampage, Deveaux was released from the hospital on Tuesday night and rode on the bus with his team back home. He received 50 stitches along his cheekbone.

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NHL video from Yahoo! Sports:

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