Anaheim Ducks try to figure out their terrible power play

Last season, the Anaheim Ducks were fourth in the NHL in power play proficiency. This season, they have the worst power play in the League, which is saying something when Buffalo is, in fact, still in the NHL. (They’re 26th at the moment, by the way.)

The venerable Teemu Selanne called the Ducks’ power play, stumbling at a 4.4-percent clip and 1-for-23 on the season, “power killers” and “not pretty to watch. There's a lot of work to do."

So what gives?

Well, there were two personnel changes from last season. Bobby Ryan’s trade to the Ottawa Senators shipped out 17 power-play points over the last two seasons; Sheldon Souray’s injury deprived the Ducks of a second-unit point man.

But overall the unit just hasn’t clicked, even with Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf averaging over 4:30 per game on the man advantage.

As Perry told the LA Times, a 5-1-0 record makes everyone feel better about life, but the power-play failure has been a head-scratcher.

"Luckily, we haven't needed it yet and we have time to work on it. It's one of those things we've been talking about it since Game 3. Hopefully, it comes.

"It's a matter of being simple: shooting the puck, getting rebounds. Those second chances, a lot of times they end up in the back of the net."

Coach Bruce Boudreau seems rather confident that things will cycle back in the Ducks’ favor: “Mark my words, by the end of the season, we'll be 20 percent.”