The amazing adventures of a Brad Richards bobblehead doll (VIDEO)

Brad Richards has played for three teams during his NHL career: The Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars and the New York Rangers. Outside of seven games in Russia during the 2005 lockout, he’s never played for an overseas team.

All of this is to say that Brad Richards isn’t exactly a journeyman. His Rangers bobblehead doll, on the other hand …

Where in the World is Brad Richards!? from Adrian Podpirka on Vimeo.

This musical world tour, starring an ever-wobbling bobblehead doll of the Rangers star center, was uploaded by Adrian Podpirka and it’s outstanding.

OK, it’s also depressing: That moment when you realize you’ve been vacationing at the Jersey shore while a hockey collectable has been hanging out in Antarctica, Nepal and Krakatau (east of Java).

We eagerly await the further adventures of the Brad Richards bobblehead doll, which we assume will include Atlantis, Narnia and a ride on that Richard Branson spaceship. Not that the bar has been set high or anything: