Alex Radulov’s agent: ‘Understanding’ of NHL return by March 15; KHL contract concern

'A soothsayer bids you beware the Ides of March'; or, in this case, a Russian player-agent is saying that come March 15, the NHL might have a new reason to beware the Nashville Predators.

Pavel Lysenkov of SovSport called Alex Radulov's Russian agent Yuri Nikolaev to speak about the end of his Salavat Yulaev Ufa season and possible return to the NHL with Nashville, with whom he has one more year on his contract.

"I don't want to comment about anything." Nikolaev told Lysenkov right after he picked up the phone.

Is Alexander going to Nashville?

"I won't say. I will only note that this issue must be resolved with Salavat Yulaev. Without a mutual agreement nothing is going to happen. This is because officially KHL contracts expire on April 30.

"Don't try to get anything out of me. Let's agree to this: I will have an understanding of the situation on March 15. We have to see what's going on with Radulov's knee... There are a lot of questions, including some about his health."

"I am ready to risk but not in these types of moments," the agent said. "We need to figure out the best way forward. Do you think it is easy to just say 'Go to the NHL, Alex!' Don't make out Alex to be no one knows who. Alexander is a decent guy. He won't slam the door, spit in the back. This is also a political moment. Radulov is one of the main stars of the KHL, if not the biggest...

"I don't want anyone to give any specific comments. Let's wait for March 15. I apologize, Radulov is calling me on the other line..."

Late yesterday media outlet Hockey Pravda reported that in the coming days Radulov will travel to North America to finish out the season with Nashville to become an RFA next season.

Treat this one with caution. I was told this outlet is linked to an agent (not Radulov's) who has players on the same KHL team with Alex.