Alex Semin update: On KHL contract offer and NHL free-agency timetable

Alex Semin, formerly of the Washington Capitals, is one of the few standout players remaining in unrestricted free agency, both for the NHL and for the KHL.

Regarding the 3-year, $30-million offer from Russia that's been reported: It is false on both the term and the money. I was told CSKA reps met with Semin's agent Mark Gandler in the U.S. and offered a 2-year deal worth "almost exactly what he was making in Washington."

Semin made $6.7 million on a 1-year contract with the Capitals last season.

I personally spoke with Semin within the last week and he told me that he doesn't yet know where he will play next season. He also has no timeline set to make that decision.

Back in February after the trade deadline, sources close to Semin told me he'd take his time to sign because he wanted to better understand where everything was headed with the CBA.

Another obstacle to Semin signing with an NHL team was removed last week: Zach Parise, who ended up with the Minnesota Wild on a 13-year contract. Gandler told me it was fair to say more clubs would be active trying to sign Semin after both Parise and Ryan Suter signed.

I believe the Detroit Red Wings made a least a couple of inquiries regarding Semin, who has 197 goals in 469 career games.

Semin is mostly looking for a longer term, I believe. Gandler also told me Semin's priority is the NHL, by far — despite what the KHL might be offering.