Alex Radulov’s KHL temptation from CSKA

Last week, our Dmitry Chesnokov reported that it looked likely former Nashville Predators forward Alex Radulov would return to the KHL next season and suit up for CSKA and general manager Sergei Fedorov, who said:

"Of course we would be happy to see Alexander Radulov on our team. If this player signs with our club we will be happy to share this great news on our official website."

Well, CSKA's website shared some happy news about Radulov on Wednesday: It acquired his rights from Salavat Yulaev; so if Radulov does return to Russia in 2012-13 it will be with CSKA.

Dmitry's on the road, but was able to pass along a few notes:

• They only acquired his rights, they didn't sign him. Radulov, an NHL RFA, has one year left on his KHL contract, and those rights only last another year even if he doesn't return to the KHL. He could modify the contract if he does agree to join CSKA.

• The transaction fee for Radulov between the KHL teams: around $8 million for his services, according to Chesnokov. Money's no object, as Russian oil company Rosneft owns the team and targeted a big name player as a priority for CSKA this offseason.

• Radulov might have preferred to skate for Salavat Yulaev again; as a result, CSKA decided to bait the trap by signing his brother Igor Radulov in late May.

Again, nothing set in stone yet; but this was a significant step towards Radulov's return to the KHL, where he's been an MVP player.