Alex Ovechkin straps on goalie pads, is the Tretiak of ball hockey (Video)

Puck Daddy

The good news: The Washington Capitals appear to have a solution for their average goaltending this season. The bad news: It’s a solution that would drain their offensive of its lead goal scorer.

OK, so maybe it’s not the most productive idea to move Alex Ovechkin between the pipes. Even if he exhibits some outstanding goaltending skills when he’s between two trash cans.

Here’s Alex Ovechkin, the Tretiak of ball hockey goalies:

Wow. Granted, it looks like he’s got Braden Holtby’s rebound control, but look at those cat-like reflexes!

Can’t spell “Oh, Vezina” with O-V-I.

Clearly, Ovechkin has decided that the only way he’s winning the Hart this season is to play goalie as well. And finally, something Crosby didn’t do first … er, uh, check that.

s/t The Bog

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