Alex Ovechkin rap song ‘Ovie (Ice, Ice, Ice)’ will infect your brain (VIDEO)

While Alex Ovechkin has mad hip-hop skillz — having dropped a verse on Sasha Belyi's "Champion" last year — he's also been name-checked in rap songs as well. Like Asher Roth's "A Millie", in which the Washington Capitals captain gets the nod with "Only 22/Like Alex Ovechkin."

Now, fellow Caucasian MC Furcatt (who also has an ESPN-centric track) dropped "Ovie (Ice, Ice, Ice)" on an unsuspecting public this month. Prepare thy ears for this sorcery. (WARNING: a few moments of adult language, one of which may involve Sidney Crosby.)

Well, it's no "The Caps Rap," but in fairness we have no idea if this dude was wearing a red fright wig ...

Sample prose:

"It really sucked when/
Dale hunter left/
He's gone so it's/
Something we gotta accept"

"Ovie might be/
A little over paid/
But when it comes to goals/
Bitch he's got it made."

Sadly, the song name-checks Alex Semin as being someone who "really makes the team." Maybe Furcatt meant the Penguins or the Hurricanes.

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